Yatharth Geeta (Hindi Version) – 10

Yatharth Geeta

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12 Responses to “Yatharth Geeta (Hindi Version) – 10”

  1. i like bhajan

  2. Jeet Yadav Says:

    its really helpful for our society people day by day they forget there culture….and its creates a wonderful things so young generation can learn a lots and then can focus their study as well as their career…..as a human we should have to know about Yatharth Geeta and we can implement in our life……..Thanks and Regards for upload and its my humble request please uploads all the parts of yatharth Geeta by Shyami Adgayanand ji maharaj

    Jitendra Kr yadav (jeet yadav)

  3. ravin aggarwal Says:

    i got this yatharth gita about 10 years ago but i read it about 2 yearsa ago and i am surprised “how it is being defined” if any body want to learn the real meaning of shrimad bhagwad gita must read it and we can not even imagine the gretaness of shri swami ji how they have described and detailed each and every word of that moments which lord krishna owes to arjun.we are far from that “anurag” which swami ji told .
    koti koti parnaam to swami ji

  4. Ramkumar Rajak Says:

    Yatharth bhajan

  5. Bhajan

  6. sumant Tiwari Says:

    i have no word to apriciate this gift there is no one in the world who is campare this Yatharth geeta by swami paramhans ji maharaj

    Hamare swamiji bhagvan srikrishn hai “OM SRI PRAMATMANE NAMAH”

  7. How to download this

  8. Yatharth geeta is very good for all


    I have been visiting the Ashram at SHAKTESHGARH for the last five years with Shailendra baiya,a humble Bhakt of Swamiji Maharaj . But when I read Yatharth Gita , I also became Swamiji’s blind bhakt……. Sarwa dharm parityaja mam ekam sharnam vraj , aham twam sarva papebhyo mokshaishyami ma shuchh ….. it realy changed me and my devotion for Swamiji Maharaj…….

  10. Ram Narayan Singh Says:

    Danwat pranam!gurudeo is in

  11. Om Swami Ji Maharaj Ki Jai

  12. Om Swami Ji Maharaj Ki Jai
    Dhanyvad Swami Hamesh Apni Kripa banaye rkhana. Om Swami Ji.

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