Ek Omkar Satnam

Ek Omkar Satnam

Ek Omkar Satnam

Ek Omkar  Omkar (God is One)
Satnam (His name is True)
Kartapurakh (He is the Creator)
Nirbhau (He is without fear)
Nirvair (He is inimical to none)
Akaal Murat (He never dies)
Ajooni (He is beyond births and deaths)
Saibhang ( He is self illuminated)
Gurprasaad (He is realized by the kindness of the True Guru)
Jap (Repeat His Name)
Aad sach (He is True in the beginning, before the anything universe existed)
Jugaad sach (He was True when the ages commenced and has ever been True)
Hai bhi sach (He is also True now)
Nanak hosi bhi sach. (Satguru Nanak says that he will be certainly True in the future.)

Soche Soch Na Ho Wai
Je Sochi Lakh Waar
Chhupe Chhup Na Howai
Je Laai Har Lakhtaar
Ukhiya Pukh Na Utari
Je Banna puriya paar
Sahasyanpa Lakh Woh hai

Ta Ek Na Chale Naal
Ke Ve Sach Yaara Hoi Ae
Ke Ve Kude Tutte Paal
Hukum Rajai Chalna
Nanak Likheya Naal

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  1. awesome….very soul full..

  2. pure defination of god very nice thanks to sharing it.

  3. very nic.

  4. good site for bhakti song

  5. I got great power form ik omkar stnaam

  6. i luv to listen and memorize this. i have learnt this to learn god’s name its just to give a relaxation to our soul and heart

  7. Ek param-atma ki sachai…

  8. aditya Chhabra Says:

    Ek Omkar Satnam

  9. aditya Chhabra Says:

    Ek omkar mp3

  10. very good site for mp3 songs i really like your site

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